UK Car Buying Visitors

When somebody in the UK deliberately enters one of our car buying related phrases into their browser (usually on a mobile device) we send them to CarWOW ... a car buying service.

The conversion rate they are seeing is about 3% - which is really good for a high value item like a car!

If you are inside the UK, you can click on any of our car buying related phrases to see how this works.


We split the visitors by country at our end to ensure we only send our customer the traffic they are interested in.


USA Home Buying Visitors

We get about 1200 new visitors every week from the USA looking to buy a home

We are yet to sign up an affiliate partner to receive these US visitors

If you're interested in having these visitors come to yor home-buying site, please contact us.


Amazon Affiliate Trial - USA

We sent all our in allocated visitors to an Amazon Affiliate account

That drove $7,036 worth of sales in three weeks (equivalent to 13.00c per click-through).

Studying the traffic and visitors we now been able to identify a lot of bot traffic that was incorrectly sent to the US account. If this was eliminated, the quality of the results would have been improved.

Those sales could have been yours - contact us today


Amazon Affiliate Trial - UK

The results for unallocated UK visitors was even better, with a 1.11% conversion rate and equivalent to 12.49p (US 17.35c) per click-through.

The UK traffic was subject to far less bot traffic, which probably accounts for the improved results.

Those sales could have been yours - contact us today


Google Analytics of our Visitors, Part-1

These graphs show the Google Analytics of our visitors for three months, showing we get about 10,000 visitors every week, of which about 98% are new visitors.

This high bounce rate is largely because we are not offering what the visitors are looking for. When they enter Cars.for.Sale, they are looking to buy a car, not a domain name!

If you can offer the corresponding service the visitors are looking for, the bounce rate should come down.

About half our visitors are from the USA and about 25% from the UK. This is an average across all phrases. Each phrase will have a slightly different ratio.

For example, in the USA it is common to refer to a “home for sale”, but in the UK the term “property for sale” is more common.

Our phrases are predominantly in English, hence our visitors are dominated by English speaking countries.


Google Analytics of our Visitors, Part-2

Most of our visitors are on mobile devices, so its vitally important that any site receiving our traffic works well on mobile, or the visitors will simply bounce.


Google Analytics of our Visitors, Part-3

The visitors are dominated by high-end mobile phone running the latest up-to-date version of the operating systems.

This table shows iOS version numbers for visitors between Dec-2017 & Mar-2018


Google Analytics of our Visitors, Part-4

This table shows Android version numbers for visitors between Dec-2017 & Mar-2018

The average market penetration for Nougat (v7.0 & v7.1) was 30% by the end of Feb-2018.

So this table clearly shows our dominance in high-end devices, at 65% of visitors, at that time.