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Land.for.Sale, Emojis.for.Sale, Watches.for.Men,
Gifts.for.Mom, Books.for.Sale, Recipes.for.One,

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Work Anywhere

Our quick-access-codes work in any browser, on any device - GUARANTEED

Most visitors who use our phrases tend to be on mobile devices, but that's the way the internet is going

Automatically Clickable

Because our phrases are real domain names, when you use them in social media and messages apps they are recognised and automatically made clickable

Split Territories

We can identify the country of origin of the visitors and only send you those customers you are interested in

What we do

We own a range of domain names that make natural language phrases, e.g. Watches.for.Men. We promote these (e.g. by social media) as short-cuts to an advertiser's targeted content.

To use the service, visitors deliberately enter a phrases into their browser to be taken directly to relevant content.

90% of our visitors are on mobile devices, of which 65% are high-end devices, i.e. the latest models.

We handle over 10,000 click-throughs per week, 50% from visitors in the USA, 25% from the UK

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Our Phrases Drive your Sales

In the UK, our phrases related to car buying take visitors to CarWOW. They are seeing a 3% conversion rate from the visitors we have sent them. For selling cars online, that's really high!

If you can give our visitors what they are looking for, the conversion rate can be well above the industry average of 0.1%
Our domain phrases not only drive sales to your site, they also drive search engines to your site, boosting your search ranking (SEO) for that phrase

Some Example Categories

Car Buying Phrases

Phrases related to car buying

Home / Property Buying

Phrases related to buying a home

Cloths Shopping

Phrases related to cloths shopping

Our Domain Phrases Deliver You Sales

We sent the click-throughs, from the visitors who had used one of our domain phrases, to an Amzon Affiliate accounts.

That drove $7,036 worth of sales in three weeks.

Those sales could have been yours - contact us today

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Contact Us

If you are interested in becoming one of our advertisers, contact us today

We are already registered as affiliates with Awin, CJ Affiliates, ShareASale, LinkShare / Rakuten Marketing, ClickBank and others

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